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    Have a question on mind? Go ahead and ask, questions are good...

    Most ideas which changed and shaped the world around us were given by students(learners). That's why we want to provide students their deserved place on internet where they can grow and nurture their thoughts.

    When you're a student, you want to learn and know but in schools you are taught things which are contrary to common sense. This creates a gap between students, teachers and the social at large.

    This discussion board is a step towards filling this gap, we want to create a community which is :

    • Free and Open

    • Diverse

    • Self Regulated

    • Flexible

    so that students don't have to think the way they were taught to.

    Main motive behind creating this community is to provide students a free, open and non-bounding atmosphere where they can grow and nurture their thoughts, have conversation on whatever topic they like. Grow their ideas together.

    Things we cherish :

    • Original Thinking
    • Difference in Point of View
    • Mistakes

    Don't hesitate, but ask. This is not your regular classroom weirdo...

    I hope that's enough to set the tone for this discussion board.

  • That seems like a good idea.

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